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Encouraged censorship and self-censorship seem to have become popular in America today. Those who censor others, not just self, tend to favor the term "moderate," as opposed to "censor" and "moderation" to "censorship." But that doesn't change what they do. They still act as Little Caesars or Big Brother protectors of the thin-skinned. Democracy, however, demands a tough populace, not so easily offended. On this blog, and to buck the trend of censorship, banning, and ostracizing, comments are NEVER "moderated." Rarely (almost NEVER) do the targets of these blog entries respond in an effort to defend themselves with cogent counter-argumentation. This blog is testimony to how little academics, poets, critics, newspaper editors, cartoonists, political hacks, cultural council apparatchiks, librarians et al appreciate VIGOROUS DEBATE, cornerstone of democracy. Clearly, far too many of them could likely prosper just fine in places like communist China and Cuba or Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Russia.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Banned by NewPages !!!

Depicted above is the front cover of issue #19 of The American Dissident, which was banned by NewPages editors Denise and Casey Hill.  NewPages.com lists literary magazines.  Thus, for its readers, The American Dissident does not exist.  Poets & Writers mag also banned the magazine.  I sent D&C a copy of the issue, but neither responded, not even a thank you! Utne Reader naively bills NewPages as "the web's alt-press playground." But it is really just another alt-press playground CENSOR. For the brief correspondence I had with the Hills, see www.theamericandissident.org/orgs/new_pages.html.
Here's a poem from the issue by David Ochs:

The Kid Strikes Out Again
I'd seen the kid at
the poetry reading before
he was ambitious
had his work
printed on a broadside
and handed them out
with his phone number
he asked for feedback
like he wanted you
to tell him of
his great potential genius
but they just
weren't that good

the time before when he’d read
he mentioned he’d written “in form”
taught to him by Dr. James Cushing
who teaches at the local university
the poor kid thought
Cushing was some kind of
mountain top poetry guru
and Cushing probably got
huge ego strokes
that the kid thought Cushing
could wave his magic wand
and turn him into the next Ginsberg
but the kid was so star struck
he didn't realize
how lousy and unreadable
Cushing’s poems are

the kid read all serious
but no one paid attention


sdave1 said...

good poem

G. Tod Slone said...

Well, I thought I'd throw something up that wasn't mine for once, and that was a good poem. It's the kind of thing I'm always desperately looking for. Now, maybe you should formulate one on your Rattle battle. That would be interesting!

dyana said...

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Every one should read this ....
thanks for sharin with us......


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G. Tod Slone said...

Get lost! Or I'll do a blog on you and your marketing idiocy!

mather said...

I followed Dyana's loan link and found some interesting comments about her blog commenting techniques...I thought she was targeting you because you pissed her/them off somehow, but I guess she thinks this is a genius marketing strategy.

mather said...

Looks like David Ochs had stepped on Green's blog-toes again! What did you write, David? I'm curious...aren't you a fan of Tin House or Alehouse Review? Ha ha...

G. Tod Slone said...

Alehouse is run by another Californian PC indoctrinated editor.

G. Tod Slone said...

Alehouse is run by another Californian PC indoctrinated editor.