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Friday, August 8, 2014

Eugene Robinson


Open Letter to Black Racist, Obama-Diehard-Fanboy, Post-

Partisan Hypocrite, WaPo Columnist Eugene Robinson

Your “What ‘War on Whites’?” column was a shabby retort, for a Pulitzer-Prize winner, to the Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks’  claim of a “war on whites”!  Per usual, LOGIC is not the forte of partisan fanatics like you.  Shame on the Pulitzer for awarding you a prize for commentary!  Comparing present income statistics, as you did, does not take into account past income statistics.  It is thus immaterial to the argument, especially since the "war on whites" was supposedly begun (or largely increased) during Obama’s mandate.  Evoking slavery and Jim Crow laws (i.e., stoking black “victimhood”) is also clearly immaterial.  By doing so in this context, you join the purportedly fictitious “war on whites.”  And you forgot to mention Democrat-Party governor George Wallace.  Come on, man!  Take a damn night course in Logic 101!  Surely, WaPo will pay for the expenses.  Of course, there was a war on blacks, but that was almost 50 years ago!  It is not 1960, but rather 2014.

The left-wing “war on whites” is a reality, even more so than the purported right-wing “war on women.”  It is a part of perhaps most American colleges and universities today thanks to the fervent anti-white armies of Deans of Diversity and Directors of Multiculturalism.  Affirmative Action is part of that “war.”  Labeling anyone who disagrees with you or other blacks as racists is part of it, as is dismissing someone like Laura Ingraham with an epithet, instead of with logic and pertinent fact, is part of that “war.”  Perhaps you should look into immigration quotas, not those of 50 years ago, but today’s.  Are whites being favored?  Of course not!  Does the Dream Act favor whites?  Of course not!  Why do you FAIL to evoke these things in your argument? 

Leftist black fanatics like Tracey Ross call the hoped-for victory in the “war on whites” as the “tanning” of America.   In fact, what happened to the blacks-only blog, “The Root,” which published her articles?  Why did WaPo get rid of it?   Was it perhaps insufficiently stealthy for the “war on whites”? Was it too anti-white racist, even for the editors of WaPo?  A number of black-racist leftists (e.g., the black Panthers), as you certainly must know, want “whites” to disappear.  Obama was elected because he was NOT white.  The Duke Lacross players were “lynched” because of the “war on whites.” Many examples exist of racist blacks in university positions, waging a “war on whites.”  Does the NAACP not believe in a “war on whites”?   

The “willful ignorance,” you evoke, is yours… and that is “obscene.”  Yes, Obama (and you!) blathered on about Trayvon Martin, but not about Chris Newsome and his girlfriend, two whites raped and butchered by blacks at about the same time.  Below is an account of that butchery.  And it sure as hell outraged me far more than the Trayvon brouhaha, as did the rape and murder by black thug Tyrone Woodfork of 90-year old white woman Nancy Strait.  Why didn’t Obama say, Tyrone could have been my son?  Well, the answer is simple:   your guy is a flaming hypocrite! 

Why weren’t you outraged by the Newsome butchery?   Were you even aware of it?  Do you automatically block out anything that contradicts your ideology?   Read the account… but you probably won’t.  Finally, it is mind-boggling for anyone with an iota of independent intelligence to be rah-rah’ing for Obama at this stage of the game… just as it would have been for anyone rah-rah’ing for Bush at that stage of the game.  Bias, not intelligence, is your game… not mine!  Sure, whites can be racists.  BUT blacks too can be racists… and that upsets your ideological narrative of the white man as the bad man. 

"Newsom’s unrecognizable body was found face up, his feet and arms bound, she testified. He had been gagged with a sock and blindfolded with a bandana. His upper body was burned and his ankles were charred. Newsom had been shot in the neck and the back. A separate gunshot to his head caused “instantaneous death.” Newsom’s anus was torn up and bruised, which indicated “anal penetration.” He was sodomized by means of an object before being sodomized by a person. Seminal fluid was found in his body but it did not contain sperm cells. DNA tests were inconclusive as to the origin of the semen. He had walked barefoot to his death, wearing only his underwear. He had been raped one or two hours before he died, Mileusnic-Polchan said. “This is not just a rape,” she said. “This is the blunt trauma where an object comes in contact and severely damages the tissue. The depth of the injury was so grave there was no way that just the regular rape could inflict this.” Christian’s body [She was Newsom’s girlfriend] was found in a fetal position, wrapped in five garbage bags in a trash can. A small white plastic bag was found around her head. The young woman died of suffocation, the medical examiner said. Christian’s body was found to have tears, bruising, and swelling in her genitals and around her anus. There was also evidence of blunt force trauma. Christian was raped several times, vaginally, rectally, and orally and kicked in the vaginal region before she was forced into the garbage can. There were blows to her head and her arms had been handled with force. Her body showed carpet burns. Bleach had been poured down Christian’s throat in what appeared to be an effort to destroy any residual DNA that might be used as evidence. DNA from two unidentified men was also found in Christian’s underwear, raising the possibility that two persons not charged in the case were involved in raping her. DNA from the man thought to be the group’s ringleader, LeMaricus Davidson, was found on a vaginal swab from a rape kit that authorities used on Christian’s body." (FrontPage Mag)

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