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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Toni Morrison

Morrison is as racist as it gets and of course gets a pass because she's not only privileged but is black.  That is the sad sign of our modern times.  Two wrongs make a right... somehow.  I was planning on doing a cartoon on her thanks to her latest white-hate racist essay in the New Yorker, "Mourning Whiteness," but then realized I'd already done two on her and that was enough.  So, I post the two old cartoons now.  The only thing that's changed since them is her girth, which gets larger and larger... along with her privilege.  We have white-privileged racist pigs and we also have black-privileged racist pigs, including Obama, Holder, Lynch, Oprah, and Morrison...

Mourning for Reason

A Dialogue de Sourds between a Black One-Percenter and a White Male without Voice

Reason is the arch-enemy of ideology.  
—P. Maudit

The New Yorker certainly does not mourn for the death of reason and will certainly not publish this pro-reason rebuttal.  Indeed, it is quite content for the death of reason in the darkness of the left-wing ideology it espouses.  If it did mourn for reason, it would not have published Toni Morrison’s “Mourning for Whiteness,” a despicable anti-white racist diatribe, of the kind so popular on far too many of the nation’s ideologically-controlled college campuses today, where anti-white racism has all but replaced reason.    

Morrison is a multimillionaire one-percenter, immensely privileged black woman, far more privileged than most white males.  Simply mentioning that reality inevitably upsets her white-privilege narrative.  Besides her wealth and hoarding of over $25 million, she has voice, whereas most white males do not have voice.  The elitist New Yorker will publish anything she has to say, including racist rant.  That’s called privilege.  In fact, one must have privilege connections to be published in such a highbrow magazine.  For Morrison and likely the editors at the New Yorker, racism is good, as long as anti-white.  Double standards, stereotyping, and grotesque generalizations are part of Morrison’s game, while logic and reason are not.  For Morrison, two wrongs make a right. 

TM:  “All immigrants to the United States know (and knew) that if they want to become real, authentic Americans they must reduce their fealty to their native country and regard it as secondary, subordinate, in order to emphasize their whiteness.”  

PM:  So, white immigrants from England or Norway, for example, have (and had) to reduce their fealty to those countries, or they’d be emphasizing their blackness and thus anti-whiteness?  And all those immigrants brandishing the Mexican flag or setting up mosques are also rejecting whiteness in favor of blackness?   Hmm.  And how can a black immigrant from Haiti emphasize his or her “whiteness”?  And how about Somalis in Minnesota?  If assimilating into American values such as freedom of speech, vigorous debate, due process, and equality of treatment constitutes whiteness, then what values might constitute blackness?  Evidently, values you prefer.  Perhaps then you ought to consider moving to a whiteness-devoid black dictatorship in Africa.  It might make you a lot happier!  

TM:  “White people’s conviction of their natural superiority is being lost. Rapidly lost.”  

PM:  Yet I am white and do not walk around with a sense of superiority, natural or unnatural, for the mere color of my white skin.  But you walk around with a definite sense of superiority for the mere color of your black skin.  Go figure!  Logic is certainly not the forte of racists and ideologues. 

TM:  “There are ‘people of color’ everywhere, threatening to erase this long-understood definition of America.  And what then?  Another black President?  A predominantly black Senate? Three black Supreme Court Justices?  The threat is frightening.”  

PM:  Well, that “threat” is only frightening if it means the same blackness rule we’ve seen in African countries like Liberia, Ruanda, and Nigeria, where “whiteness” principles of freedom of speech, vigorous debate, due process, and equality are inexistent.  

TM:  “In order to limit the possibility of this untenable change [i.e., the “threat”], and restore whiteness to its former status as a marker of national identity, a number of white Americans are sacrificing themselves.  They are willing to kill small children attending Sunday school and slaughter churchgoers who invite a white boy to pray.”

PM:  That number is a minute minority!  You make it sound like a majority of white males shoot blacks!  How absurd!  One deranged man in South Carolina shamefully massacred those black churchgoers.  Why do you not mention the shameful massacres at Orlando and San Bernadino perpetrated by blackness?  And what about the near massacre at Ohio State perpetuated by blackness?  Ah, they do not fit your racist anti-white narrative, that’s why!  The racist KKK, which for some reason you do not name, is hardly representative of white people in America today.  Is Farrakhan’s racist Nation of Islam representative of black people in America?  Let’s hope not!  And what about the black males shooting black children in the streets of Chicago?  Ah, again, that doesn’t fit the narrative, nor do the black on white crime statistics that indicate blacks attack whites 25 times more frequently than vice versa (National Crime Victimization Survey).  

TM:  “To keep alive the perception of white superiority, these white Americans tuck their heads under cone-shaped hats and American flags and deny themselves the dignity of face-to-face confrontation, training their guns on the unarmed, the innocent, the scared, on subjects who are running away, exposing their unthreatening backs to bullets.”

PM:  Yes, there is or was a KKK violence problem in the deep south, though I haven’t heard much at all about it in several decades or more. However, I have heard of racist anti-white Black Lives Matter mobs  beating up whites.  

TM:  “Surely, shooting a fleeing man in the back hurts the presumption of white strength?”

PM:  And of course the same could be said of blacks who shoot whites in the back!  

TM:  The sad plight of grown white men, crouching beneath their (better) selves, to slaughter the innocent during traffic stops, to push black women’s faces into the dirt, to handcuff black children. Only the frightened would do that. Right?

PM:  And what about the sad plight of grown black men, crouching beneath their (better) selves, to slaughter the innocent during traffic stops and rape white women? Only the frightened would do that.  RIght?  Well, maybe only the mentally deficient, violent macho cruel-streaked. 

TM:  “Personal debasement is not easy for white people (especially for white men), but to retain the conviction of their superiority to others—especially to black people—they are willing to risk contempt, and to be reviled by the mature, the sophisticated, and the strong.  If it weren’t so ignorant and pitiful, one could mourn this collapse of dignity in service to an evil cause.”  

PM:  How can you really incarnate “the mature, the sophisticated, and the strong”?  On the contrary, you incarnate a conviction of black superiority just like the white superiority you denounce!  When have you manifested an iota of “personal debasement,” whatever the hell that means?  What a flaming hypocrite!  
TM:  “The comfort of being “naturally better than,” of not having to struggle or demand civil treatment, is hard to give up.  The confidence that you will not be watched in a department store, that you are the preferred customer in high-end restaurants—these social inflections, belonging to whiteness, are greedily relished.”

PM:  Now, who but privileged multi-millionaires like you even go to “high-end restaurants” and lament about the possibility of not being treated like some queen Pulitzer bee?  As for civil treatment, I’m white and have had to demand it and still have not received it.  My civil rights are being denied in my town because I have been prohibited from attending any cultural or political events held at my neighborhood library because I stood up for freedom of speech.  What library prohibits you from attending cultural and political events?  Not one!  So don’t tell me high-and-mighty queen Pulitzer bee that because of my skin color I have rights you do not have.  Wake up!  This is the 21st century, not the Antebellum South!  

TM: “So scary are the consequences of a collapse of white privilege that many Americans have flocked to a political platform that supports and translates violence against the defenseless as strength. These people are not so much angry as terrified, with the kind of terror that makes knees tremble.”  

PM:  Affirmative Action ended the notion of white privilege and began the notion of black privilege… quite a while ago and now it’s two wrongs make a right.  Some progress, eh!  If the “collapse of white privilege” is synonymous with the collapse of reason, free speech, vigorous debate, due process, and equality, then indeed perhaps we should flock to a new platform.  It is your visceral hatred for white people that makes your knees tremble!  
TM:  “On Election Day, how eagerly so many white voters—both the poorly educated and the well educated—embraced the shame and fear sowed by Donald Trump,” 

PM:  And yet why did so many white voters vote for Obama with almost no experience, who didn’t give a damn about New Black Panther scare-tactics at the voting polls and supported Black Lives Matter rioting and looting?   And why should so many black voters have voted for a congenital liar and perjurer like Hillary?  Do they represent a basket of deplorable blackness?   

TM:  “The candidate whose company has been sued by the Justice Department for not renting apartments to black people.”

PM: And what about the candidate whose foundation cheated poor black Haitians in need out of millions of dollars? 

TM:  “The candidate who questioned whether Barack Obama was born in the United States, and who seemed to condone the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester at a campaign rally.” 

PM:  Yet Obama himself wrote that he was born in Kenya!  And what about the candidate who supported Black Lives Matter—the riots, looting, killing of cops, and beating up whites?

TM:  “The candidate who kept black workers off the floors of his casinos. The candidate who is beloved by David Duke and endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.”

PM:  And what about the candidate who is beloved by the father of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen and crooked Muslim pay-to-play lawyer Khzir Khan and who takes millions of dollars from Islamic dictatorships that treat women as sub-humans?  

TM:  “William Faulkner understood this better than almost any other American writer. In Absalom, Absalom, incest is less of a taboo for an upper-class Southern family than acknowledging the one drop of black blood that would clearly soil the family line. Rather than lose its “whiteness” (once again), the family chooses murder.

PM:  This is the 21st century.  Educate yourself queen Pulitzer bee!  Now, here’s a few facts you willfully ignore about wonderful blackness.  The very first legal slave owner in America was a black man, Anthony Johnson.  Thousands of black slaveowners existed during the Antebellum period, including over 3000 in New Orleans alone.  Some of those black slaveholders used their slaves as human sacrifices in religious rituals.  Black author Thomas Sowell notes that Muslim (i.e., blackness, not whiteness) slaveholders “marched vast numbers of human beings from their homes where they had been captured to the places where they would be sold, hundreds of miles away, often spending months crossing the burning sands of the Sahara. The death toll on these marches exceeded even the horrific toll on packed slave ships crossing the Atlantic.”  Blackness Muslims enslaved millions of whiteness Europeans.  After all, the word “slave” derives not from blacks, but from Slavs, who were white Europeans, many of whom were enslaved. Today, blackness Muslims still own slaves!  
In retrospect, whiteness must be pretty damn good if it allows people like Morrison to freely express their white-hatred viewpoints.  In fact, do blackness regimes allow for black-hatred viewpoints to be expressed in Africa and elsewhere?  Apparently not, which explains why so many choose to immigrate to whiteness America.  In any case, real progress does not mean giving a pass to black racists.  It means rejecting racism, black or white.  Period.  Morrison has a long way to go with that regard… and evidently at her age, she ain’t gonna have the time to get there.  The New Yorker has yet to respond to this rebuttal.  


sdave1 said...

Toni Morrison has written a powerful essay in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States, and it gets right to the heart of why Trump won.

In a piece titled “Mourning For Whiteness” from the November 21 print issue of the New Yorker (published online Monday), the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist argues that Trump won due to the terror of privileged white men in the face of a rapidly diversifying country.

“Under slave laws, the necessity for color rankings was obvious, but in America today, post-civil-rights legislation, white people’s conviction of their natural superiority is being lost,” Morrison writes.

“There are ‘people of color’ everywhere, threatening to erase this long-understood definition of America. And what then? Another black President? A predominantly black Senate? Three black Supreme Court Justices? The threat is frightening.”

As Morrison explains it, the subconscious fear of losing the “comfort of being naturally better than,” the comfort of not being followed in a department store for instance, was a huge motivator for many White Americans.

Morrison argues that white Americans and particularly white men are so afraid of the collapse of white privilege that they “flocked to a political platform that supports and translates violence against the defenseless as strength.”

i couldn't believe she said this, i read it on the huffington post, i think its crap like this that got trump elected.

G. Tod Slone said...

Good point, Dave! Yes, it is the continuous flow of crapola and bullshit that perhaps ignited the citizenry, though we still can't forget that more than half the voters voted for the congenital liar Hillary. They must love saying ahhh and swallowing!