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Friday, January 25, 2019

Renee Graham

Black Racists with Press Badges
Black Racism Thrives—Two Wrongs (Somehow) Make a Right in PC-landia
[Well, of course, the Boston Globe refused to publish this letter to the editor.  After all, it is not an anti-Trump screed like those regurgitated weekly by its assistant editor/columnist Renee Graham.  Far too many journalists cannot bear truths that counter their ideological bent, which is why many Americans today rightfully view them negatively. As far as I am aware, Graham NEVER apologized for her shameful op-ed!]  

Why does the Boston Globe continue to provide a platform for blatant racist and incessant anti-white stereotyper Renee Graham?  That in itself served to diminish the press and enhance the thought that it had indeed become the enemy of the people.  After all, wasn’t racism an enemy of the people?  And if so, then backing, via paycheck and job, a racist like Graham certainly supported that very notion!    

In her latest column, “White America, come get your children,” Graham stated:  “Of course, President Trump is defending those smug white teenagers who mocked a Native American man last week at an indigenous people’s march in Washington, D.C.”  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Graham chose to ignore new information that essentially and clearly disproved that the white teenagers were the aggressors!  

The problem with a racist ideologue like Graham is that facts and reason become entirely immaterial whenever they counter the narrative; in Graham’s case, white bad/black good.  For her and those like her, freedom of expression, as in wearing a red Trump hat, is not a basic human right, but rather an expression of racism.  How, one must wonder, could Graham actually ignore the blatant hatred and violent racist taunts of those black adult males directed against those white teenagers, who did not utter any racist words at all?   

“Look at all these dusty ass crackers with that racist garbage on.  Look at these dirty ass crackers.  Can’t stand in the sun for 5 minutes.”  
“Y’all dirty-ass little crackers, your day is coming.”
“A bunch of incest babies!  A bunch of babies made out of incest!” 
“Yall got one nigger in the crowd!”   
“I’m warning you nigger!”  
“Why you got all these cracker hats on and your coon ass wanna fight your brothers?”
“You nigga, you nigga with all these racist-ass crackers with red hats on…” 

Even left-wing SPLC argued that those blacks are “obsessed with hatred for whites and Jews.”  Might Graham be one of them?  After all, isn’t she obsessed?  “Like a white hood, that cap represents a provocation and a threat,” she stated.  In other words, anybody who voted for Trump was somehow akin to a KKK member.  Yet doesn’t Graham mirror the opposite:  a black supremacist?  “And, yes, I do equate MAGA gear with traditional Klan attire,” she emphasized.  How had a woman so “obsessed with hatred for whites” ever rise to the position of Globe assistant editor?  Affirmative Action?
“Since the teens are white, they’re being infantilized…,” argued Graham.  And so somehow ALL white teens are infantilized.  How does Graham know?  Where are the statistics?  “It’s also now known that Phillips is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Marines,” she stated.  Yet in reality who cares what he did in the early 1970s?  Besides, Phillips had not served in Vietnam and seemed to be a serial liar.  Why didn’t Graham do a little research prior to coming to such erroneous conclusions?  “Nathan Phillips’s Interview with CNN Is Full of Falsehoods, Inconsistencies, and Nonsense,” noted David French of the National Review.  Ah, perhaps that magazine is a wing of the KKK?  Moreover, nobody but a blind ideologue could look at the long-version video and argue that those students had approached Phillips. 

“Each day, we pay dearly, and the costs to a nation which imprudently ignores racism and excuses racists becomes exponentially higher,” stated Graham.  Sadly, she and so many others like her choose to ignore “racism”… whenever it concerned black hatred against whites.  “To indict these terrible boys,” Graham concluded, “swathes of white America must indict itself, and the racist viciousness they’ve passed on to their children like a warped heirloom.”  Well, perhaps privileged columnists like her ought to indict themselves for passing on their own “racist viciousness” to their black children.  Clearly, Graham seeks to increase the great racial divide in America, as opposed to trying to diminish it…  

NB:  I'd sent Graham and the Globe a different counter op-ed last year.  Nobody responded.  It can be found here:  http://wwwtheamericandissidentorg.blogspot.com/2018/04/renee-graham.html.  Graham is a flaming hypocrite, who more recently published a column,  "Dissent Is Democracy.  No Wonder Trump Hates It."  So, Graham likes it?  Horseshit!

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